About Us


Shaku Atre’s goal is to help women to develop skills and become financially independent.

Her mission is to  inspire and help women everywhere to develop skills to become financially independent—forever.

Women around the world need advice on learning solid skills in order to make a significant amount of money. There are many websites that advise women on handling money in terms of stocks and other investments.  In order to use the advice about investing, the women need to have money in the first place by acquiring “Hard Skills” a la “STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine”.  Our mission is to help women so that they will have money to invest by taking calculated risks. We will be helping women and parents by posting various articles on the portal encouraging them to share their stories, insights, and questions about earning more money.

Shaku Atre also publishes eBooks that will help the women to upgrade their skills to acquire lucrative jobs. The combination of knowledge from eBooks and tips from the posts will surely make women financially independent – forever.