Financial Independence

10 Steps to Achieve Financial Independence

6 Aug , 2016  

Besides having money, women should have a very good quality of life. In 10 Steps to Achieve Financial Independence, Shaku Atre puts these ten steps succinctly—starting with Good Lifestyle Habits, acquiring outstanding education, saving some money each month almost religiously, managing credit card debt (a credit card is really an instant loan card), striving to own your own home, getting the right types of insurances, making sure that your children get an outstanding education and are not loaded with student loans to start their adult life, becoming an entrepreneur if you have passion to start your own business, however small it might be, and putting together a team of associates who will complement your own skills. With all of these steps taken in time, cautiously but not timidly, you are bound to be successful. Once women learn how to take calculated risks there is no stopping them. And once you have reached the pinnacle of success, you can help other women to achieve the same.

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