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BEWARE of Giving Administrative Rights on Facebook

5 Feb , 2016  

If you run a Facebook page, please think twice before assigning “admin” status to any new contractors for your business or brand. Someone assigned to your page as an administrator has the ability to actually remove you from your own brand page.  While Facebook has a strong process in place for handling these kind of situations, it is quite time consuming and very frustrating to lose control of your page (even if only for a few days).  Be safe, be smart, and be sure to only give administrator access to those people that you have a strong working history with and whom you fully trust!


I am speaking from experience. I trusted someone whom I didn’t know that well. We had a dispute about the strategy about our web and social media presence. And although all of the contents were owned by us the contractor removed me, the owner of the page, as an administrator. Facebook has a very good strategy about checking the page ownership and even a department to verify the authenticity of page ownership. My associates and I had to go through a procedure to prove our ownership. And I was not on my home ground, but was overseas. I had to notarize my authenticity and Facebook made the page available.

cyber-crime-1012751_1280 (1)

If Facebook has a department to handle this type of a nuisance it must be happening quite often.

I learned my lesson hard way. I wanted to share it with you – the readers and possibly the current or future page owners on Facebook.


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